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PC Evolution specializes in Professional IT and Computer Services. Our main focus is about building trust, changing attitudes, and growing your business. We take the time to establish what our customers want and work according to your specifications.

PC Evolution was established by Claude Martin, an IT expert  with 12 years Information Technology experience.

Claude have extended knowledge of Web Design, Programming and 3D Graphics Design, and have obtained a lot of experience in Networking and all other IT and Computer related fields.

Claude qualified as a Visual Basic 6 Programmer and obtained his diploma in A+ and N+ and MCSE.



Computer networking or data communication is a most important part of the information technology. Today every business in the world needs a computer network for smooth operations, flexibly, instant communication and data access. 

Just imagine if there is no network communication in the university campuses, hospitals, multinational organizations and educational institutes then how difficult are to communicate with each other. In this article you will learn the basic overview of a computer network.

The targeted audience of this article is the people who want to know about the network communication system, network standards and type.

As more and more consumers now routinely turning to the internet when looking for products and services to buy, it is almost a necessity that you have a website available that people can use when they want to learn more about the types of products and/or services you sell.

As a business owner, one of your main objectives is to drive new customers through your doors and to retain those customers that you have.


If you answer yes to any of these then you are at the right place: 

·     You are a business owner with a limited budget, but need to look as impressive, or better than your competition?

·   You own a successful business, and want to save money by implementing Internet Strategies that will increase revenues and save your company money?

·     You don't have a web site, but see the value in getting one for your business?

·    You have a web site that needs to be re-designed and maintained, but the person or company that developed it for you is no longer in business?

·   You want to develop an affordable, yet effective marketing strategy that will help increase your company's revenues?

·      You're looking for a well-established, local company to help you promote and grow your business using the latest Internet Marketing Strategies? 


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